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The main purpose of this site is to provide information to the public to correct myths and disinformation that have been widely distributed by special interests, regarding adverse health effects of dental materials and practices such as mercury amalgam fillings, fluoride, nickel crowns, root canals, cavitations, etc. 


Contrary to statements by some special interests like the ADA, mercury amalgam (silver) fillings have been documented by medical studies and hundreds of thousands of medical lab tests to be the largest source of mercury in most people who have several amalgam fillings.  The average level of mercury excreted by those with amalgam fillings is approximately 10 times that of those without amalgam fillings.  Mixed metals in the mouth cause galvanic currents in the teeth and along with metal crowns have electric currents induced by EMF from appliances or electrical wiring. These galvanic currents can directly cause headaches and other pain but also result in metals being taken from teeth and deposited in the gums and distributed throughout the body.


Mercury from dental amalgam commonly causes over 30 chronic health conditions and the mechanisms of causality have been documented in the medical literature.   There is documentation of recovery or significant improvement after replacement of amalgam fillings for over 60,000 cases of these conditions.  For most of these conditions, the majority of those having amalgam fillings replaced recover or significantly improve after replacement.


Likewise the public has been misinformed about the common adverse effects of root-canal teeth and cavitations, which have been documented to commonly cause exposures to powerful anaerobic bacterial toxins which can be major factors in serious chronic health conditions.  Oral infections, root-canaled teeth, and cavitations can cause serious systemic health conditions such as cardiovascular problems and cancer .  Mercury from amalgam fillings also has been shown to be a factor in cancer, as well as many other chronic health conditions.


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